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FY2015 Recommended Budget calls for pay raises

The Superintendent's Recommended Budget calls for all full-time employees to receive a cost-of-living raise of 2% for the first time since 2008-09, and teachers will receive the first step increase, a calculation based on experience, since 2009-10. If approved, 98% of teachers will receive a step increase and a cost-of-living raise, and the average salary increase will be 3.8%. Salary improvements for bus drivers and school nutrition staff also are included in the budget. Click here for more details.

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It's more than just a vision... it is what drives our day-to-day work, as well as our plans for the future. A relentless focus on this vision and our mission to pursue excellence for each student, has led the district to make great strides. Our people— those employed by the district— play a critical role to the school system's success. You continually build on what is best about Gwinnett County Public Schools and work to ensure the system becomes the best it can be tomorrow.