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Crashing B.B. Harris Elementary

Parents, staff, and volunteers from B.B. Harris Elementary School joined Georgia United Credit Union in renovating the school's playground.
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to watch the video.  (2 minutes)


Live Exploration: Georgia Tech's Invention Studio

This interactive virtual exploration of Georgia Tech’s Flowers Invention Studio offers students an inside look at the world’s largest student-run makerspace.  We learn about the engineering design process, hear from Georgia Tech students and professors, and see ideas transform into inventions. The program is aligned to Georgia science standards and STEM curriculum, and targets an audience in 3rd-8th grades.
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Click here to watch the program. (57 minutes)


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

A simple interest in math and technology can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities at the Federal Reserve. A visit to the bank leads to Teachable Moments including a thorough explanation of what the Federal Reserve is and does, and a lesson about the gold standard. 
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Click here to watch the program. (7 minutes)


STEM in 30:  Buzz the Tower - How Bees Influence Aviation

In this episode, we learn how bees are important for the aerospace industry and explore research being done on them. We also see how the honeycomb structure is used in the aerospace industry and learn tips on how we can help bees in our own backyards.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Click here to watch the program. (30 minutes)


How To Save the World’s Rarest Sea Lion Pups

Having been hunted off the mainland of New Zealand centuries ago, a new generation of the earth’s rarest sea lion species has miraculously returned to the Otago Peninsula.  Jim Fyfe, a ranger with the Department of Conservation, is tasked with watching over each new batch of sea lion pups and ensuring their safety in an era of hope for these charismatic creatures.
Science Friday
Click here to watch the video.  (8 minutes)

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