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WEEK OF JUNE 18, 2018

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The Very Hungry Maggot

If you place a bowl of dog food in front of a pack of puppies, you’ll see a scurry of snouts scrambling for a bite. As all the slots of space around the bowl fill up, only so many puppies can eat at once. But, what happens when you have hundreds or thousands of puppies vying for a single bowl of food?  That’s the situation mechanical engineering professor, David Hu has on his hands when he plops an orange slice into a bin of full of little, wriggling creatures. To test the “Puppy Bowl Problem” on a larger scale, Hu turns to something a lot less furry (and a lot less cute) than puppies: maggots.
Science Friday
Click here to view the video. (5 minutes)

Rosemary Wells in Gwinnett – A Reading, Writing, and Illustrating Workshop

Award winning writer and illustrator Rosemary Wells made Gwinnett her only metro Atlanta stop during her national tour for her new Max and Ruby book. Ms. Wells feels she has the greatest impact on literacy by speaking to media specialists, librarians, and elementary teachers.  Her workshop addresses the importance of what these professionals can do to promote child literacy.
Sponsored by the Gwinnett Public Library
Filmed and produced by TV Gwinnett
Click here to view the workshop online. (60 minutes)

Re-Visiting GCPS Focus Moments

While our In-5ive news program is on hiatus for the summer, we take a look back at some of the accomplishments, successes and surprises enjoyed by students, staff and schools during the 2017-18 school year.
Produced by GCPS TV
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