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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Board Meeting Summary for 07/27/2017

Board Meeting Summary for 07/27/2017

The following are highlights of the July 27, 2017, meeting of the Gwinnett County Board of Education. Board members present included Chairman Louise Radloff, Vice Chairman Carole Boyce, Daniel Seckinger, Dr. Mary Kay Murphy, and  Dr. Robert McClure. The official minutes of the meeting will be approved by the Board at its next monthly meeting.

Gwinnett to amend state partnership contract 
Gwinnett County Public Schools' Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) partnership contract with the State Board of Education (formerly known as IE2 Partnership Contract), which was approved in October of 2014, provides local schools and the school district with flexibility from 14 laws and the accompanying State Board rules. This flexibility is coupled with accountability targets for the five years of the contract. At tonight's meeting, school system leaders reviewed a proposal to amend Gwinnett County Public Schools' SWSS partnership contract to add two additional waivers/areas of flexibility to the current 14. The first addition would allow flexibility in awarding units of credit and acceptance of transfer credit and/or grades. The second addition would allow flexibility in the area of promotion and retention. The request for an amendment will be submitted to the Georgia Department of Education for approval by the State Board of Education.


BOE receives update on plans for solar eclipse
At the afternoon work session, Dr. Jonathan Patterson, associate superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional Support, provided a briefing on Gwinnett County Public Schools' plan for the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse. In Gwinnett, the near-total eclipse is expected to begin around 2:35 p.m. Students in grades K-12 will participate in instructional activities associated with the ecliplse. Schools will send home permission forms which must be signed and returned by parents/guardians who wish for their student to participate in outdoor viewing activities. In addition, the district is providing schools with a supply of protective eyewear for direct observations of the sun during the eclipse. In order to help ensure the safe viewing for students and a safe dismissal of students, Gwinnett County Public Schools will delay dismissal for all schools by one hour. (There will be no change in start times.)



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