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GCPS Budget: an investment plan

GCPS Budget: an investment plan

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ budget represents an investment plan for the school district, its students, employees, and the community. Did you know that 71% of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ General Fund Budget goes directly toward instructional services? Just another example of how your school system focuses on its core business of teaching and learning.

Business and Finance
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Division of Business & Finance

Did you know Gwinnett County Public Schools is one of only 13 school districts nationwide with a AAA rating from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s?

  • GCPS is the only school district in Georgia with a AAA from either rating agency.
  • GCPS is the only school district in the southeastern United States with a AAA rating from either agency.
  • GCPS is one of only two large school districts in the nation with a AAA rating from either agency.
District Budget
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District Budget

The district’s conservative approach to budgeting has helped the district achieve balanced budgets in the past and has positioned GCPS well for this coming year. The proposed Total Budget for FY2021 is approximately $2.3 billion, representing a decrease of 2.7% from the FY2020 Total Budget. Despite a 10% austerity reduction from the state due to a temporary projected decline in state revenues, GCPS is presenting a balanced budget that calls for no reduction in services, no furlough days for staff and a salary step increase for eligible employees. Click here to learn more about the FY2021 Budget.

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