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How To Do Business

How To Do Business

Welcome to the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Purchasing and Property Management Department. The Purchasing and Property Management Department is located within the district’s central office, and is where the planning of the purchasing of supplies, materials, equipment, and contracts for services within the district takes place. These goods and services are procured within the statutes of the Federal Government, the State of Georgia, and the Gwin­nett County Public Schools Purchasing policies and procedures.  

Conducting business with school districts can be a very rewarding experience when you have a clear under­standing of how they operate. It can also be significantly different from operations associated with the private sector. Our program supports teaching and learning and we make it our priority to obtain quality goods and services at the lowest reasonable cost while operating at the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. In addition, GCPS values each vendor relationship and strives to create a purchasing atmosphere that is not only transparent but treats suppliers and manufactures fairly and equitably and maximize competition whenever possible.  

The purpose of this Vendor Handbook is to provide information to current and prospective vendors that will make doing business with Gwinnett County Public Schools an effective and efficient process. While this handbook touches on the policies and procedures governing GCPS purchasing practices, it does not encompass every detail of all laws and regulations, but provides basic principles of GCPS procurement methods.  

Please call or email with any questions pertaining to this handbook, GCPS Policies, Procedures, or processes. We thank you for your interest in GCPS, and we look forward to your participation in our program.

How To Do Business Handbook


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