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Supplier Registry

Supplier Registry

Dear Supplier:


The Gwinnett County Public Schools Department of Purchasing and Property Management is partnering with Bonfire Interactive in creating an online procurement portal that will allow suppliers to receive electronic notifications for upcoming bids and RFP business opportunities. As part of this online process, all Gwinnett County Public School Bids and RFP submissions will be created and digitally transmitted using this online portal. Paper versions of Bids and RFP's either mailed or personally delivered are no longer accepted.

We invite suppliers to register at the online procurement site which is found at You must be registered within this procurement portal in order to receive notices and download any future solicitation documentation.


As always, we appreciate the good relationship we have with our suppliers and their interest in doing business with Gwinnett County Public Schools. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any Gwinnett County Public Schools  buyer listed below: 


Nikki Richardson                678-301-6336     

Kathy Augello                     678-301-6337     

Stephanie Maddox             678-301-6298       

Betsy McCurry                   678-301-6283     



Best Regards,



Matthew Mills

Director of Purchasing & Property Management

Gwinnett County Public Schools


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