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School Nutrition Program Vision

  • Provide the opportunity for all students to meet their daily, nutritional needs for meals consumed at school.
  • Provide healthy choices that comply with the Dietary Guidelines.
  • Be recognized by peers and the community as a leader in the school nutrition field.
  • Provide training for professional growth.
  • Provide nutrition education for all students.
  • Operate a financially sound program.
  • Maintain standards of sanitation set by the Health Department. 
  • Be an integral part of the comprehensive school health program.
  • Support policies that ensure all foods available to students during the school day comply with the Dietary Guidelines.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of food production and service to meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Encourage involvement of all employees in our professional associations.
  • Work cooperatively with school administrators and the PTA.
  • Utilize technology as needed to enhance effectiveness of program.



This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

School Nutrition Program Vision
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