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Conducting Research in GCPS

Board Policy ICC - Educational Research

The Gwinnett County Board of Education recognizes that systematic study of the educational process can contribute significantly to the development and implementation of high-quality instructional programs.

While recognizing the value of educational research, the Board also has a responsibility to protect students, parents, and staff from invasion of privacy; physical, psychological, social, and educational injury; and substantial distraction from teaching and learning.

The Research & Evaluation Office therefore accepts applications of well-designed educational research projects within the district that adhere to GCPS Research Standards:


How does GCPS define research?

Research is any data collection and or analysis from or about Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) students, staff, parents, or school communities. 
Internal Research:
  • Any research initiated by a GCPS employee as related to their roles, responsibilities, and job duties; or research initiated and commissioned by GCPS and conducted under the direction of GCPS staff (e.g., literacy screenings, pre/post-test administration).
External Research: 
  • Studies initiated by GCPS employees for the purposes of degree fulfillment or program requirement
  • Studies initiated by Non-GCPS employees
The Executive Director of Research and Evaluation must provide written approval before a research project may be conducted in the district.
GCPS Employee requesting to conduct research at their assigned location only:
  • When GCPS employees plan to conduct research at their assigned location only, the researcher will not complete an IRB application. The employee must complete a Local School Research Request Form that is approved/signed by the employee's principal. A photocopy or fax (678-301-7088) must be sent to the Department of Research and Evaluation at the Instructional Support Center for documentation and filing. No further approval is necessary or available.
GCPS employees requesting to conduct research at a school other than the school where they are employed, at multiple schools, all central office employees and all non-GCPS employees: 
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