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Strategic Priorities: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Strategic Priorities:  Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ core business is teaching and learning with an emphasis on learning. Curriculum, instruction, and assessments will be rigorous, integrated, and aligned. Innovative and challenging learning activities will be student-centered and designed for collaboration and flexibility. Proven, research-based Quality-Plus Teaching Strategies and appropriate technology will be used to engage students and to tailor instruction for different learners and learning styles. In meeting the needs of all students, schools will accelerate instruction not only for students who excel but also for those who are academically behind. Reading, writing, and mathematics— the foundations of learning— will be integrated into all content areas including languages, arts, sciences, and technology. In addition, Gwinnett’s curriculum will emphasize development of media, technology and information-processing skills. A variety of assessments that are appropriate, timely, and ongoing will be employed as essential tools for measuring academic progress, evaluating performance, and guiding instruction. Teachers will use data to improve instruction and to increase academic achievement for each student. Continuous improvements in curriculum, instruction, and assessment will help students develop the skills required for success in a changing, competitive, global environment.

Strategic Priorities
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Strategic Priority for Curriculum
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