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Strategic Priorities: Governance and Leadership

Governance Leadership

Beginning with the School Board and superintendent governance team, leaders at all levels in Gwinnett County Public Schools will be passionate about the district’s vision, mission, and goals. They will embrace the Board’s core beliefs and commitments and act accordingly in making decisions that affect students. Leaders will focus on results, particularly as they relate to students, and will value accountability. They will lead by example, energize others, and execute plans that turn vision into reality. Those who govern and those who lead will continually improve their own performance and increase the capacity of those with whom they work. They will promote a performance culture that helps others see how their work contributes to teaching and learning. They will encourage flexibility and innovation while setting high standards for their work and exhibit integrity and ethical behavior at all times. Leaders will ensure organizational coherence so that all aspects of the district support teaching and learning.

Governance and Leadership
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Strategic Priority for Governance and Leadership
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