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Curriculum Development and Instructional Support

Curriculum Development and Instructional Support

Debbie Cate Director


Description of Program

The office of Curriculum Development and Instructional Support facilitates the process of the annual review of curriculum through the Gwinnett Educational Management System (GEMS).

Through this process, we also update and maintain the instructional databases as well as provide instructional resources and support to the local schools. Currently, the following resources are available to the schools: K-8 AKS Parent Brochures, K-12 AKS Booklets (available in a downloadable document from the Web), and K-12 AKS books for teachers. In addition, this office provides support through the instructional databases by providing the ability to create checklists for monitoring student progress, as well as provide lesson plans, vocabulary lists, instructional calendars, and correlations to the state curriculum and state and national assessments. These databases are easily accessible by our teachers via LotusNotes.


The Curriculum Development and Instructional Support office provides ongoing professional learning for teachers of our transition students, Teachers have learned ways to accurately assess their students' mastery of the AKS through professional learning and faculty resources.

The Office of Curriculum Development and Instructional Support continues to work closely with schools and teachers to identify and implement the most effective ways of teaching and assessing the AKS. They provide services to help schools ensure students are learning the essential knowledge and skills needed to be successful in life.

Debbie Cate ,Director

Debbie Cate , Director

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