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Instructional Resources and Support

Instructional Resources and Support

Dr. Kim Moore Director


Description of Program

The Office of Instructional Resources and Support provides schools with quality instructional and technology resources that meet the needs of all learners for each content area. This is accomplished by leading and supporting schools to be responsible stewards of GCPS financial resources through the selection, purchase, inventory, and accountability of instructional resources.

The Instructional Resources and Support Office, in conjunction with each curriculum area office, facilitates the review, pilot, and adoption processes for new instructional materials. Each curriculum area’s materials are reviewed and adopted on a staggered, 6-year cycle. Part of this process includes an annual public review each October where educators, parents, and community members are invited to peruse and comment on resources being considered for adoption. If you are interested in being part of the review process, please email for details as to location and times.

To access a list of Board adopted instructional resources for each content area, please select the link below:


The Office of Instructional Resources and Support also facilitates the process of the annual review of curriculum through the Gwinnett Educational Management System (GEMS). Through this process, we also update and maintain the instructional databases as well as provide instructional resources and support to the local schools. Currently, the following resources are available to the schools: K-8 AKS Parent Brochures, K-12 AKS Booklets (available in a downloadable document from the GCPS website), and K-12 AKS books for teachers.


Dr. Kim Moore,Director

Dr. Kim Moore, Director

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