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About the Department of Special Education and Psychological Services

About the Department of Special Education and Psychological Services

The Department of Special Education and Psychological Services supports the Individual Educational Programs of students ages three through twenty-one years of age who are eligible for special education and related services within the district. The special education services are provided on a continuum from the least restrictive to more restrictive environments and are contingent upon educational needs of the student. The department provides a full array of assessment and special education interventions for students requiring such services. The Department works collaboratively with students, schools, families, and the community to increase student achievement and to promote post-secondary success for all students with disabilities.

  • The Office of Instructional Services provides leadership and support for the delivery of special education instructional programs. The purpose of this position is to work collaboratively with Special Education Coordinators and the local schools to assist students with disabilities in acquiring the knowledge and skills as set forth by their Individualized Education Program, and local and state assessment standards. The director works to ensure staff development opportunities are provided for the special education program, including assistant principals, teachers, paraprofessionals, and central office staff.
  • The Office of Special Education Compliance supports schools in legal matters arising from federal and state regulations governing the education of students with disabilities. The duties of the office include coordinating all due process issues such as early resolution conferences, mediations, and due process hearings. The office also coordinates Section 504 issues for students throughout the district.
  • The Office of Psychological Services provides an extensive array of psychological services to each of our schools. The services are designed to assist schools with the implementation of research-based interventions for students with academic and/or behavior problems which interfere with their acquisition of the curriculum. School psychologists are school-based employees who provide comprehensive psycho-educational assessments, participate on Student Support Teams (SST) and special education teams, consult regularly with teachers and parents, counsel students, participate in crisis situations and provide in-services for our teachers regarding a wide variety of topics.


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