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"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer."
  -- Shanna LaFleur

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North Gwinnett High School hosts American Education Breakfast

December 6, 2018

Per tradition, North Gwinnett High School in partnership with the North Gwinnett Foundation hosts the American Education Breakfast in November of every year. It is part of this tradition that the community celebrates its strong fine arts programs at the school during the event. The Visual Arts, Dance, Band, Orchestra, and Chorus all participate in celebration and demonstration. The theme for the Fine Arts productions this year was "A Million Dreams" from the movie The Greatest Showman as inspiration.

North Gwinnett Dance - Chasing Vanity

March 8, 2017

For years now, society’s standards for beauty has changed how girls view themselves. It has become about having the best hair, the prettiest smile, the perfect makeup, and the hottest body. Females across the world feel obligated to compare themselves to people on TV or in magazine. Reyna O’Leary, the Director of NGHS Dance, crafted a unique dance highlighting the struggles that young girls face on a daily basis, and titled it Chasing Vanity. 
The dancers in this piece wear masks, painted by NGHS National Art Honor Society, to verify that if we, females, all strive to be the same kind of perfection then no one really has a true identity. The dance begins with a young girl dressed in a pink (a role played by freshman Skyler Wegmet), looking into a mirror while encircled by a group of hooded dancers. Just as the eerie music finds a harmony, the dancers in black turn to the audience to reveal their peculiar faces, faces painted to resemble masks of ancient Greek theatre. The movement and events of the dance allows you to watch the internal conflicts of the young girl as she become enticed by the beauty of the faces that surround her. At the end of the dance the young girl becomes entrapped within the mirror and has acquired the same masked face as the others, while all the other masked faces have mysteriously changed to mirrored surfaces. Thus, demonstrating that the mirrors that we stare into everyday are really just another vehicle of entrapment.  
The dancers selected to perform this dance have been invited to perform Chasing Vanity at GCPS County Dance Day and Kennesaw State University Dance Festival. Dance North will also be presenting this piece in their spring show Dance Matters on April 27 & 28 at 7:00pm. 
Dancers:  Skyler Wegmet with Nicole Ayers, Anna Brice, Shelby Borek, Grace Chong, Lane Dallape, Kristyn Drummonds, Kaitlyn Garland, Courtney Jacome, Gillian Lucas, Isabela Miqueli, Mariana Neeley, Sarah Parrish, Aleena Summers, Courtney Wetzel. 

GCPS Fine Arts - Metrics Tracking Script
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