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Richards MS - Addition (RFQ)

Bid Details

Richards MS - Addition (RFQ)

Advertised Date 11/01/2016
School / Building Richards MS
Type of Project Addition (RFQ)
Bid Date 12/01/2016
Architect/Engineer Cunningham, Forehand, Matthews & Moore, Architects, Inc.
Phone Number 404-873-2152
Board Approval Date 02/16/2017
Contractor Bowen & Watson, Inc.
Bid Amount $13,431,000.00

Please submit your qualifications to Facility Planning by 3:00 p.m. on December 1, 2016.


The attachment below consists of the following documents:

1. Request for Qualifications

2. Exhibit A

3. Exhibit B

4. Exhibit B1

5. Exhibit B2

6. Exhibit C

7. Exhibit D


Attachment  Richards MS - Addition - RFQ.pdf
Additional Attachments

Richards MS - Addition RFQ (Addendum and Form)

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