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Lanier HS - 2017 General HVAC Modifications

Bid Details

Lanier HS - 2017 General HVAC Modifications

Advertised Date 12/19/2016
School / Building Lanier HS
Type of Project 2017 HVAC Modifications
Bid Date 01/19/2017
Architect/Engineer Hussey Gay Bell
Phone Number 770-476-7782
Board Approval Date 02/16/2017
Contractor Multiplex, LLC
Bid Amount $1,183,000.00

*Note 1/3/17* - The attached documents contain the following:

  • Bid Ad
  • Addendum No. 1


2017 HVAC Modifications to Lanier HS

Bid documents must be obtained only through the office of the Architect

Attachment  Lanier HS - 2017 General HVAC Bid Ad and Addendum 1.pdf
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