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New Meadowcreek Cluster Theme High School (RFQ )

Bid Details

New Meadowcreek Cluster Theme High School (RFQ )

Advertised Date 02/24/2017
School / Building (RFQ) New Theme High School - Meadowcreek Cluster
Type of Project (RFQ) New Meadowcreek Cluster Theme HS
Bid Date 03/27/2017
Architect/Engineer Lindsay, Pope, Brayfield, Clifford and Associates, Inc.
Phone Number 770-963-8989
Board Approval Date 04/20/2017
Contractor Evergreen Construction
Bid Amount

See attached (RFQ)


Request schematic plans and sample AIA A133 from the architect

Attachment  Meadowcreek Cluster Theme HS_RFQ_RFP.pdf
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