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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Transportation F.A.Q.'s (Regular Education)

Transportation F.A.Q.'s (Regular Education)


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I request a bus stop change? 
Bus drivers are not authorized to change bus stops. Bus stops are changed for safety reasons. We do not change stops for convenience. Please contact the zone supervisor for your school. Contact names & numbers can be found by clicking the link below.
Regular Transportation 

2. What if I want my child to get off at a different stop?
Students are assigned to the stop closest to their home address. The driver cannot release a student from the bus at a different stop. In the case of a emergency, the parent will need to send a note to the school. Upon approval, the school will provide a bus pass allowing the student to get off at a different stop.

For child care purposes, fill out the Transportation Parent Authorization form and include the alternate address information for the child care provider. For Transportation to approve, the child care must be for each school day and the alternate address must be within the school boundaries.

If the alternate address is for a day care facility, you will also need to fill out the Verification of Day Care Enrollment form and have the day care center complete and fax it to the child's school.

3. What if my child is late or does not come home in the afternoon?
For late bus information, call Transportation Dispatch at 770-513-6686. If the bus has come through your neighborhood and your child did not get off the bus, call your child's school to be sure that he/she has not missed the bus. If your child is not at school, you should call Transportation Dispatch - 770-513-6686.  

4. How are bus stops determined?
The location of a bus stop is determined by the Transportation Supervisor with assistance from the Routing Department. The safety of our students is the first consideration when determining bus stop locations. This consideration takes precedence over all other routing criteria. The school bus will travel streets or street segments that are at least 3/10 of a mile long and which provide a safe turnaround area for the bus. Door side pick-up and drop-off will be provided to students who reside on high speed roadways (40+ mph) throughout the county. Students are not permitted to cross multi-lane roads.

5. What if I have a concern regarding by child's bus driver?
Please contact the supervisor for your area. Contact names & numbers can be found by clicking the links below.
Regular Transportation 

6. How can I become a school bus driver?
Contact our recruiting department at 678-225-7670. Bus drivers are required to obtain a commercial driver’s license with endorsements as well as undergo a comprehensive training program. They are also required to successfully complete a pre-employment physical, drug and alcohol screening, and criminal background check. You will find an application on-line under the employment site.

7. What if my child is being bullied?
If your child is being bullied, the student should inform the driver. Additionally, the parent/guardian should contact the supervisor. Contact names & numbers can be found by clicking the links below.
Regular Transportation 

8. How do I find out which bus my child will be riding?
During registration you should stop at the Transportation table to verify your stop and pick-up time. For students registering after school starts, the school can provide information or you may call the Transportation Department at 770-338-4800.


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