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Leave of Absence FAQ

Leave of Absence FAQ

Q: Is it necessary that I attend a Leave Orientation?
A: It is recommended that you attend a session, but it is not mandatory. We discuss valuable information including Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), accrued leave and Short-Term disability.

Q: How many days am I allowed to use sick leave for my disability?
A: Employees are allowed to use sick leave during the disability period after proof of disability has been submitted by the healthcare provider.

Q: When should I submit my electronic Leave Request Form?
A: Preferably 30 days before the beginning of employee leave.

Q: Do I earn leave while I am on an approved Leave of Absence?
A: An employee must be at work or on paid leave for 13 working days within a calendar month to earn leave.

Q:  What happens to my benefits if I am no longer receiving a paycheck?
A: The appropriate representative from the Leave Administration Office will send the employee a letter with instructions for paying directly for benefits.

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