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Verification of GCPS Employment

Requests for verification of employment with GCPS must be submitted in writing. Requests cannot be completed via telephone, and cannot be processed without a signed statement of authorization from the employee.

  • Verification of GCPS Employment - Non-Salary:
    To submit your request for the following:
  • Verification of Employment Requests
  • Verification for Certification/Licensure
  • Verification for Loan/Grant Forgiveness
    (including Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Teach Grant Certification)
  • Other Non-Salary Verification Requests

- Email at, or
- Fax requests, including a signed statement of authorization, to (678) 442-5195


  • Verification of GCPS Employment - Salary:
    To obtain a verification of salary with GCPS for purposes of an auto / home loan, apartment rental or mortgage/financing purposes, please contact Jeanie Baldesare via:

- Email at, or
- Fax your request, including signed authorization, to (678) 301-6310

Verification of GCPS Employment
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