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Rick Overton Executive Director


The Department of Infrastructure & Operations delivers direct service and support to our schools, support offices and other locations. Services include providing continuous operation of the network infrastructure for Gwinnett County Public Schools, designing, building, and implementing IT architectural solutions, and providing information security services and support.

  • Infrastructure Services (Jeff Smith, Director) is responsible for the selection, procurement, implementation, and maintenance of the mission critical technology infrastructure for portal and business systems, enterprise storage & backup, data center, and disaster recovery services.
  • Telecommunication & Network Services (Tim England, Director) designs and maintains the complex GCPS network which constitutes the foundational highway for IP-based data, voice and video for staff and students.  Responsibilities include network functionality, internet access, and all the underlying services supporting that connectivity. Additional duties include telephone systems, physical security systems including cameras, access systems and emergency notification, and hardware/software management of server systems and directory services.
  • Information Security Services (Arden Peterkin) ensure data security and the secure operations of the GCPS technology environment.  Primary responsibilities include cyber-security defense, patch management, vulnerability management, endpoint protection, and incident response.
Rick Overton,Executive Director

Rick Overton, Executive Director

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