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Community-Based Mentoring

Image of Mentor and Mentee

Studies show that successful mentoring programs help students develop social skills, improve their school achievement and graduation rates, build character, and many other benefits.

GCPS has proactively developed a Community-Based Mentoring program to connect caring adults in the community with male and female students in grades 4 through 12 to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to help them become successful young adults, both in and out of school.

While school counselors, teachers, and family members all play a role in keeping students in school and learning, the involvement of a community mentor can make a meaningful connection.

Our Community-Based Mentoring Program for Girls began in January 2018, and our Community-Based Mentoring Program for Hispanic students is scheduled to begin in January 2019! Interested in becoming a mentor? Please call: 770-682-8086.

Mentors & Mentees in Action

mentors & mentees in action

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