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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Revising the compensation system for GCPS employees...

Revising the compensation system for GCPS employees...

Teacher talking to students in a classroom.

In the fall of 2015, Gwinnett County Public Schools kicked off a three-year process to design and implement a fair, flexible compensation system that will provide opportunities for employees to be rewarded and recognized for exceptional performance rather than solely years of service.

The initial work on the system will focus on compensation for certified staff members: Classroom staff (core content teachers, elective teachers, teachers teaching students with specific needs: Special Education, ELL, Title I, etc.); Non-classroom staff (counselors, media specialists, LSTCs, speech and language therapists); and School leaders (principals and assistant principals).

In this first year of the project (2015-16), leaders are reviewing the existing evaluation and compensation system, doing external research on comparison districts, gathering feedback from teachers and other staff. All of this work will help with the development of potential compensation model options. District leaders hope to select an optimal system during the summer of 2016 that can then be refined and piloted.


Project Background

Early in his second term Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal appointed an Education Reform Commission to study the state’s education system and provide recommendations to improve it. One of the Commission’s committees is dedicated to reviewing how Georgia funds education. This effort to update the funding formula has been touted by the Governor as an opportunity for increased “flexibility” for school systems in Georgia. Specifically, discussions have occurred on eliminating or revising the state teacher salary scale, which would give local school systems more flexibility in how they design programs and pay staff members. Learn more



Staff Engagement

GCPS is currently gathering information to help in the development process of the compensation system. We’ve heard from teachers who participated in focus groups held in every cluster. In addition, the Teachers Advisory Committee is providing feedback as part of its meetings this year. School leaders also have provided input and collected the input of their staff through Leadership Development meetings.

However, we need to hear from you.

An employee survey is currently available to allow certified staff members to provide further feedback on the development of the new compensation system.  

Click here to take the survey.


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