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GCPS monitors Florence, shares weather-related reminders

     With uncertain forecasts associated with Hurricane Florence, Gwinnett County Public Schools is monitoring the weather and assessing any possible impact to our area. Just a reminder… should the decision be made to close school or delay opening, that decision will be communicated using SchoolMessenger, social media, the GCPS website, and via local news media. 

     In the event that a school closure is necessary, the school district could opt to hold a Digital Learning Day rather than using a snow make-up day as it is so early in the school year. If the decision is made to hold a Digital Learning Day, that decision will be communicated and school and district processes for online learning will go into effect. If a decision is made to use a standard make-up day, students and staff will not be expected to access assignments online. Online, families can find more information about how Digital Learning Days work in Gwinnett.

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