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Defining "world-class"

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In Gwinnett County Public Schools, "world-class" describes any product, service, or organization that is judged by qualitative and quantitative measures as one of the best in its class, and is recognized accordingly by customers, stakeholders, professional peers, and competitors alike.


Characteristics of a "world-class" school:

  • Rigorous academic standards and high expectations for all students
  • A comprehensive, challenging, and relevant curriculum
  • Effective, engaging instructional strategies
  • Reliable, appropriate, and meaningful assessments
  • High-performing and inspiring employees committed to professional development, training, and lifelong learning
  • A safe, secure, and positive learning environment
  • A culture of continuous improvement
  • Accountability for results at all levels of the organization
  • Productive and engaging partnerships with families and the community
  • Effective use of technological resources to advance teaching and learning
  • Innovative and productive approaches to management, operations, and use of resources
  • Behavioral standards that promote teaching and learning
  • An inclusive environment that acknowledges and values differences and encourages positive interactions between members of a diverse community
  • Students who are prepared for the next grade level and graduate ready for college and careers
  • Communication with internal and external audiences as a priority
  • A shared vision for success
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