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Back to School 2017: Community-Based Mentoring Program seeks male and female volunteers as program expands

Mentoring program seeks male and female volunteers

Back to School 2017: Community-Based Mentoring Program seeks male and female volunteers as program expands

July 19, 2017

Mentor and mentee pictured together at Mentoring event

     Gwinnett County Public Schools’ (GCPS) Community-Based Mentoring Program is expanding this school year and will begin serving female students. In January 2018, Janice Warren, former principal of Anderson-Livsey Elementary School, will kick off the mentoring program for girls. Mrs. Warren and James Rayford, director of Academic Affairs, are excited about the expansion and the additional support that will be available to students.

     “This program will address a need, providing help and support to students who, up to now, may not have been getting it,” Rayford said. “While the Community-Based Mentoring Program has been a success to date, we recognize that boys aren’t the only ones who need mentors. With this in mind, our superintendent and Board of Education gave the greenlight to expand the program to serve girls, as well.” 

     This fall, the GCPS Community-Based Mentoring Program begins its ninth year of providing volunteer mentors to male students. The program for boys will serve nearly 600 students in more than 65 schools this year, with the goal of recruiting an additional 50 men to join the ranks of the 200 who already are involved in the program. As the district develops the mentoring program for girls it also will need female volunteer mentors.

     The mentoring program will continue to place an emphasis on character development and cultivating leadership qualities, while also introducing students to the tenets of entrepreneurship by providing them with the opportunity to write and create their own business plans. 

     The GCPS Community-Based Mentoring Program remains committed to working with parents to ensure their children have access to college and career readiness information as the program is expanding its career readiness workshops in the high schools.

     For more information about the Community-Based Mentoring Program, call (770) 682-8086.


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