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GCPS schools awarded Bosch Community Fund Grants

Five Gwinnett schools earn grants for STEM work

GCPS schools awarded Bosch Community Fund Grants

August 9, 2019

     Five Gwinnett County schools have earned grants from the Bosch Community Fund for their unique STEM projects. Central Gwinnett High School, Jackson Elementary School, Mill Creek High School, Osborne Middle School, and Paul Duke STEM High School were awarded a combined total of more than $49,000 in grant money. 

     The Bosch Community Fund (BCF) awards up to $3 million in grants annually to projects with a science, technology, and environmental focus. The five Gwinnett County schools were selected as grant recipients based on their commitment to and excellence in STEM education. Below you will find more about each school and its proposed project.

Central Gwinnett High School
Project Title: STEM Learning Experiences and Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) Growth 
Project Summary: This grant will support the growth and development of membership and leadership in three student organizations:
1) Technology Student Association
2) Women in Technology 
3) The Drone and Cybersecurity League
Funding will support a variety of associated costs, including equipment and field trips. 

Jackson Elementary School
Project Title: STEMtastic Lab Growth
Project Summary: This grant will support the STEMtastic Lab at Jackson Elementary School. This lab provides the school’s diverse population of students access to explore areas of STEM in a way that engages their imagination and encourages creative thinking. As many students lack exposure to technology in their homes, funding will provide for resources that include iPads and Chromebooks.

Mill Creek High School
Project Title: EPIC STEM Experiential Learning
Project Summary: This grant will support the STEM Experiential Learning program at Mill Creek High School. This project-based, innovative, collaborative and cross-curricular program is designed to give students an authentic learning experience that relates to engineering, science, math, and language arts while utilizing an inquiry-driven approach. Grant funding will support materials and tool purchases.  

Osborne Middle School
Project Title: Extending Beyond Classroom Walls with STEM and PBL
Project Summary: This grant will support Extending Beyond Classroom Walls with STEM and PBL (project-based learning) at Osborne Middle School. The program will provide 7th grade students the opportunity to actively explore authentic, real-world problems that incorporate multiple areas of STEM research and design. Specifically, funding will provide calculator-based ranger motion detectors, virtual reality goggles, Differentiated Inquiry Lab bundles, and Logitech stereo headsets.

Paul Duke STEM High School
Project Title: Engineering Applications at Paul Duke STEM
Project Summary: This grant will support the design, development, and construction of a school garden and environmental lab to include aquaponics and rainwater recycling. This funding also will support a collaboration between the school’s dance program and mechatronics course to create animatronic stage elements for an upcoming production.


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