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Gwinnett continues to outpace state on CCRPI scores

GCPS exceeds state averages on CCRPI

Gwinnett continues to outpace state on CCRPI scores

October 25, 2019

     The state released its 2019 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores for Georgia schools today. CCRPI is Georgia’s tool for annually measuring how well its schools, districts, and the state are helping students achieve their goals. Gwinnett County’s public schools continue to score above state averages on the CCRPI with 20 percent of GCPS schools receiving a CCRPI score of 90 or greater. The district’s overall CCRPI score for 2019 is 82.5 compared to 75.9 for the state. Gwinnett elementary schools had an overall score of 86.6 compared to the state’s score of 77.1. Gwinnett’s middle school score of 78.5 is above the state score of 72.1. And the Gwinnett high school score of 79.7 remains above the state score for Georgia high schools, which was 77.0 for 2019.

     The overall score for Gwinnett elementary schools saw an increase this year, while the overall scores for middle schools decreased, and the overall score for high schools remained the same as the previous year. 

     According to Dr. Jonathan Patterson, associate superintendent for Curriculum and Instructional Support, the CCRPI results help us tell a part of our story and how each school is meeting the needs of each student. He says, “We are proud of the work of our schools. Instructionally, our teachers are delivering a level of rigor that promotes student learning and prepares students for the future. As a result, our students continue to grow and perform at high levels. That said, the CCRPI data provides us with information to assist in making improvements, and we are committed to doing so.”

     The calculation of Georgia’s CCRPI includes five components:

  • Content Mastery: Addresses whether students are achieving at the level necessary needed to be prepared for the next grade, college, or career.
  • Progress:  Measures how much growth students are demonstrating relative to academically-similar students.
  • Closing Gaps: Addresses whether all students and all student subgroups are making improvements in achievement rates.
  • Readiness:  Addresses whether students are participating in activities preparing them for and demonstrating readiness for the next grade, college, or career.
  • Graduation Rate (high schools only)

     At the elementary level, Gwinnett saw increases in content mastery, closing achievement gaps, and readiness. At the high school level, Gwinnett scores improved in content mastery and closing achievement gaps. And, despite the decrease in the overall score for middle schools, the district saw an increase in content mastery. 
CCRPI Chart 2019

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