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Benefield Elementary School to host event that challenges young bodies and minds

Benefield ES students set for EdObstacles event

Benefield Elementary School to host event that challenges young bodies and minds

December 1, 2016

     On Thursday, December 1, Benefield Elementary School will host an EdObstacles event from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. inside the school’s gym. EdObstacles is an immersive learning adventure that combines K-12 academics with a physical obstacle course that adapts to students of all ages and grade levels. The Benefield event has been organized by a group of Discovery High School students. During the event, teams of elementary students will advance through challenges that touch on all major subject areas, collaborating on common goals, while improving their social and physical stamina. 

     For example, students will participate in a tire run to get their adrenaline flowing. Other stations will challenge students with word riddles (Egg Spelled) and to compete in a life-sized Jenga game that calls on students to answer a series of questions and move the blocks without toppling them over. At the Space Challenge, students race against the clock to order the planets in the correct distance away from the sun. A checkered board of numbers and bean bags found at the Math Toss requires students to think carefully before tossing the bags as they try to land on the correct reply. Students also will participate in a Flex Race against their teammates. Using potato sacks, the students race towards the Sphero Maze where they will use a tablet and sphero balls to program the round figures through a wooden maze in record time.

     Other noteworthy stops at the event are the maker station which will be filled with recyclables including cardboard boxes of varying sizes and shapes, plastic bottles, yarn, tape, glue and scissors. At this station, students can create anything their imagination desires as long as they show a finished product and explain what they have created and how it can be useful. And, the last stop of the EdObstacles challenge is the Angry Bird Catapult/Launch. This fast-paced obstacle calls on students to apply the laws of physics and math to determine how to launch the bird and have it knock down a series of cups or small buckets using speed, angle, and distance. 



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