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Brookwood High teacher wins $35K grant from 3Mgives

Brookwood HS' Livers earns 3Mgives grant

Brookwood High teacher wins $35K grant from 3Mgives

November 21, 2016

     Carrie Settles Livers, a teacher at Brookwood High School, has been awarded a large grant from the 3M Corporation through its 3Mgives program. Livers will receive $35,000 to fund her project that encourages environmental stewardship, connects STEM education and nature with outdoor learning opportunities, and engages students and young people with an emphasis on underserved communities.

     “An opportunity like this, to add hands-on learning experiences right here on campus, is always exciting,” Livers said. “Our students not only get to learn about sustainable agriculture and giving back to those less fortunate, but they also get to experience the emotional response that comes along with actually doing so.”

     Livers will use the grant money to build an Aquaponics lab that will help educate students on sustainable agriculture while also providing them an opportunity for community outreach by distributing the food grown to the local food co-ops.  

     “I am probably most excited about the humanitarian component to this adventure,” said Livers. “I think one of the best ways to ‘trick’ students into learning, is to help them find something to be passionate about,” Livers said. “Helping to design this lab, trouble-shooting in the lab, and designing extensions of this lab that could possibly work in developing countries, is a great way to flex those critical thinking muscles.”



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