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Gwinnett continues to outpace state on CCRPI scores

GCPS outperforms state on CCRPI

Gwinnett continues to outpace state on CCRPI scores

November 2, 2017

     The state released its 2017 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores for Georgia schools today. Gwinnett County’s public schools continue to score above state averages on the CCRPI Index. Gwinnett elementary schools scored 82.3 compared to the state score of 72.9. The Gwinnett middle school score is 80.9 compared to the state score of 73. And the Gwinnett high school score of 80.9 is above the state score for Georgia high schools of 77.

     The overall high school single score for Gwinnett high schools of 80.9 for 2016-17 was an increase from the previous year, while the overall scores for elementary and middle schools in Gwinnett decreased slightly. Despite the decrease in the overall score for elementary schools, both the achievement and progress points earned increased. The middle school score dropped to 80.9 from 81.4, but also showed increases in the achievement and progress components.

     In looking at individual school results there were a number of highlights.

  • Thirty-eight Gwinnett schools (more than 27 percent of the schools in the district) earned CCRPI scores of 90 or greater, with Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST); and Simpson, Level Creek and Riverside elementary schools scoring greater than 100.
  • Twenty-three schools had gains of five points or more on their single scores. Gwinnett Online Campus’ elementary score increased by 15 points, while its high school score increased by 11.6 points. Meadowcreek High School’s score improved by 12.1 points.
  • The achievement score makes up 50 points of the CCRPI score and looks at student scores to assess college and career readiness through Content Mastery, Post Readiness, and Graduation Rate. Eight GCPS schools earned 45 or more points for Achievement—GSMST, North Gwinnett High School, North Gwinnett and Osborne middle schools, and Level Creek, Riverside, Simpson, and Suwanee elementary schools.
  • Gains of 2 points or more were seen by 32 GCPS schools. Of these 32 schools, nine earned 3-4 points more than in 2016 for the Achievement category.




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