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GCPS Foundation launches “WE CARE” campaign to raise money for schools

GCPS Foundation launches “WE CARE” campaign

GCPS Foundation launches “WE CARE” campaign to raise money for schools

May 4, 2020

     The Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation is asking for help with its mission to improve the educational future of all students. As part of this continuing mission, the Foundation has launched the WE CARE campaign. Its goal is to raise $1 Million by June 15, 2020

     Aaron Lupuloff, the Senior Executive Director of the GCPS Foundation, says the time to act is now. “More of our families than ever have immediate financial hardship and we need to provide more scholarships, immediate technology needs for our students enrolling in online summer school and quite frankly doing everything possible to decrease the learning gap,” Lupuloff said. 

     Contributions to this fundraising effort will be used to: 

  • Support teaching and learning across the district
  • Improve student achievement
  • Fund scholarships for students
  • Provide classroom grants for teachers
  • Foster innovation in programs and initiatives
  • Develop leaders in our schools
  • Care Teams at local schools that assist students and families with verified needs

     Lupuloff says the money raised can change lives. He adds, “Providing financial support to all these areas will help reduce the struggles that many of our students are currently facing,” Lupuloff said. “It will allow students to earn scholarships to Gwinnett Tech where they can finish their associate’s degree and pursue a variety of careers. With the help of donors, we can open doors that would normally be closed to students from families facing financial hardships.”

     The WE CARE campaign is further proof that during this unprecedented time, the GCPS Foundation remains dedicated to enriching and enhancing education in Gwinnett County Public Schools, by sustaining the district's world-class standards as it encourages, embraces, educates, excites, and empowers all students and teachers. 

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