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GCPS thanks transportation professionals, celebrates its best

Gwinnett names top transportation professionals

GCPS thanks transportation professionals, celebrates its best

March 21, 2019

Image of (top to bottom) Julie Peterson, Gretchen Arnold, and Hannah Robinson

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) recently recognized the district’s transportation professionals for their service to Gwinnett students and their families. Highlighting the evening event was the recognition of Julie Peterson and Gretchen Arnold as GCPS’ top drivers and Hannah Robinson as the School Bus Monitor of the Year. 

Julie Peterson
2018-2019 Special Needs Bus Manager of the Year
As a driver, Julie drives routes in the Grayson and Brookwood clusters, while also transporting students who attend Oakland Meadow School and the Buice Center. The 15-year veteran says making kids smile and feel special is the fuel that keeps her going. She says, “I want to make my students feel special and I want them to know that they are special to me. Each and every one of the kids that I drive brings me joy in my everyday life.”

Gretchen Arnold
2018-2019 Regular Education Bus Manager of the Year
If you ask her, Gretchen will tell you that she doesn’t have a job, she has “a calling by God.” She says that “calling” is to make sure her students receive safe and caring transportation. She says transporting students gives her purpose. Gretchen has more than two decades experience and currently drives routes for Brookwood High School, Gwin Oaks Elementary School, and Five Forks Middle School. 

Hannah Robinson
2018-2019 Special Needs Monitor of the Year 
Monitoring and driving GCPS school buses is a family affair for Hannah Robinson. Hannah and her sister are monitors in the same zone and their mother is a school bus driver. Hannah says her mom encouraged her to get into the “family business” and it quickly became clear, she made the right choice. “I love it so much,” Hannah shares. “My driver and the kids, they never fail to make my day!”

     The selection of the 2018-2019 winners is the result of an extensive process. First, they were nominated by their colleagues in their transportation zone. There are 25 regular education zones and 12 special education zones. Nominees then were given a written and driving skills test. Eleven finalists were selected – five regular education bus managers, three special education bus managers, and three special education bus monitors. A judging committee selected the winners from the finalists.

     Don Moore, Executive Director of GCPS Transportation, applauded the efforts of all staff who safely transport Gwinnett students to and from school. He shared, “It was an honor to be able to recognize some of our best drivers and monitors at our annual awards banquet. Our bus drivers and monitors ensure their students arrive safely, on time, and ready to learn. We appreciate all they do for the school system and the students we serve,” Moore said.


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