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GCPS seeks input in review of AKS for career and technical, health and PE, and core courses

AKS review scheduled through Oct. 12

GCPS seeks input in review of AKS for career and technical, health and PE, and core courses

September 25, 2020

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) invites parents, community members, and GCPS staff members to participate in the school district’s review of proposed curriculum for 77 courses, scheduled for Sept. 25 to Oct. 12. The public can participate via an online review of proposed Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) standards, offering feedback on new AKS that have been developed to align the curriculum with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and/or Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The AKS spell out the essential concepts students are expected to know and skills they should acquire in a given grade, subject, or course. 

     On Nov. 5, the GEMS Oversight Committee—a group of community and school system representatives charged with the annual review of the AKS curriculum—will review the suggestions and curriculum director comments before making recommendations to CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks for adoption by the School Board. 

     This year’s review will address the following courses:

Career and Technical Education

  • Basic Agricultural Science*
  • Forest Science*
  • Small Animal Care*
  • Coding for Financial Technology*
  • Financial Technologies and Services*
  • Introduction to Financial Technology*
  • Foundations of Interactive Design
  • Foundations of Secure Information Systems
  • Aerospace Leadership: Citizenship 100
  • Aerospace Leadership: Communication 200
  • Aerospace Leadership: Career Exploration 300
  • Aerospace Leadership: Management 400
  • JROTC Army Leadership Education I
  • JROTC Army Leadership Education II
  • JROTC Army Leadership Education III
  • JROTC Army Leadership Education IV
  • MCJROTC Leadership Education I
  • MCJROTC Leadership Education II
  • MCJROTC Leadership Education III
  • MCJROTC Leadership Education IV
  • Naval Science I - Cadet Field Manual
  • Naval Science I - Introduction to NJROTC
  • Naval Science II - Maritime History
  • Naval Science II - Nautical Science
  • Naval Science III - Naval Knowledge*
  • Naval Science III - Naval Orientation Skills*
  • Naval Science IV - Naval Leadership & Ethics*
  • Naval Science IV - Effective Communications*
  • Junior Leadership Corps 6
  • Junior Leadership Corps 7
  • Junior Leadership Corps 8
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Flight Operations I
  • Flight Operations II
  • Fundamentals of Aerospace

Health and Physical Education

  • Health
  • Health-K
  • Health-1
  • Health-2
  • Health-3
  • Health-4
  • Health-5
  • Health-6
  • Health-7
  • Health-8

Language Arts

  • 7th Language Arts Connection
  • Critical Literacy*
  • Language Arts-K
  • Language Arts-1
  • Language Arts-2
  • Language Arts-3
  • Language Arts-4
  • Language Arts-5
  • Language Arts Grade 2 Enrich
  • Language Arts Grade 4 Enrich


  • Computer Science/Grade K*
  • Computer Science/Grade 1*
  • Computer Science/Grade 2*
  • Computer Science/Grade 3*
  • Computer Science/Grade 4*
  • Computer Science/Grade 5*
  • Science 1
  • Science 2
  • Science Grade K Enrich
  • Science Grade 1 Enrich
  • Science Grade 2 Enrich
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade K
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade 1
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade 2
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade 3
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade 4
  • STEM Exploratory/Grade 5

Social Studies

  • Civic Engagement*
  • Comparative Politics*
  • Ethnic Studies*
  • Foundations of Leadership*
  • International Relations and Diplomacy

*Indicates the courses going through GEMS review process for the first time.

     Feedback on this year’s AKS review may be submitted via the AKS survey. Comments will be accepted through Monday, Oct. 12.

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