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GCPS educators named as top English teachers in the state

Jones, Mylander achieve state GCTE honor

GCPS educators named as top English teachers in the state

March 7, 2018

Image of Mr. Jones and Ms. Mylander

     Kyle Jones of Lanier High School and Terri Mylander of Baggett Elementary School have been named as the 2018 GCTE (Georgia Council of Teachers of English) Teacher of the Year winners for the high school and elementary school levels, respectively. Jones and Mylander were selected based on a number of criteria including their philosophy and approach to teaching English/Language Arts, a description of a typical day in the classroom, and an essay detailing how they incorporate best teaching practices.

     Mr. Jones, who has been an active member of the GCTE for more than a dozen years, said when he found out he had won, he wanted to shout from the rooftops. He explains, “I found myself excited, honored, and humbled all at once. This particular award was so special because it came from an organization I have so much respect for and have enjoyed being a part of for over a decade.”

     Ms. Mylander, a 1st grade teacher, said she is also proud of the accomplishment. “My students provide constant inspiration for me to always seek new ways to provide the most effective instruction,” Mylander said. “In addition, I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such supportive colleagues and administrators at Baggett Elementary who model excellence on a daily basis. I also am proud to be employed by GCPS, a school district that values its educators and provides continuous opportunities for learning and professional growth.”



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