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Grayson Cluster to host technology seminar led by students

Grayson Cluster Tech Playdate set for Feb. 20

Grayson Cluster to host technology seminar led by students

February 15, 2017

  On Monday, February 20, Grayson High School will host the 3rd annual Grayson Cluster Technology Playdate. Students from Grayson Cluster schools (Grayson High School, Bay Creek Middle School, Couch Middle School, Grayson Elementary School, Trip Elementary School, Pharr Elementary School and Starling Elementary School) will lead teachers through sessions on programs, websites, and apps that can be used for instruction. This year’s event focuses on many technologies that integrate well with the district’s eCLASS initiative. eCLASS is the school district’s digital Content, Learning, Assessment and Support System that enhances student engagement and the learning process. 

    From 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. teachers will “play” with the real technology experts… Grayson students. They will select three technology sessions to attend and visit the event’s expo. Examples of some of the classroom sessions include:

  • Breakout EDU: Breakout EDU is a new, engaging way to teach critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving skills. 
  • Build with Chrome: Build with Chrome offers online LEGO bricks to capture the student’s creativity. Teach basic math concepts such as volume or multiplication by counting brick units. 
  • Choice Boards/eCLASS: Differentiating instruction is one of the most powerful ways to address each student’s individual needs, but it can also be one of the most difficult things for a teacher to implement into his or her practice. The eCLASS platform provides the perfect avenue for presenting different learning options to your students! Attend this session to learn how to create Choice Boards within your eCLASS course pages. Then sit back and watch your students thrive! 
  • Creating Badges in eCLASS: Badges are a great way to help motivate students to complete work within eCLASS. Visit this session to learn how to create a badge, and then how to create eCLASS widgets with release conditions that will reveal the badge once the correct conditions are met. 
  • Creating Quizzes with Google Forms / eCLASS: Google Forms is a great way to create a self-grading online quiz for your class. During this session, you'll learn how to turn any Google form into a quiz and then how to incorporate that quiz into eCLASS. 


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