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Grayson Cluster to host technology seminar led by students

Grayson Cluster hosts 4th Annual Tech Playdate

Grayson Cluster to host technology seminar led by students

February 19, 2018

     On Monday, February 19, Grayson High School will host the 4th annual Grayson Cluster Technology Playdate. Students from Grayson Cluster schools (Grayson High School, Bay Creek Middle School, Couch Middle School, Grayson Elementary School, Trip Elementary School, Pharr Elementary School, and Starling Elementary School) will lead teachers through sessions on programs, websites, and apps that can be used for instruction. This year’s event focuses on many technologies that integrate well with the district’s eCLASS initiative. eCLASS is the school district’s digital Content, Learning, Assessment, and Support System that enhances student engagement and the learning process. 

     From 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., teachers will “play” with the real technology experts… Grayson students. They will select three technology sessions to attend and visit the event’s expo. Examples of some of the classroom sessions include:

  • Student Driven Digital Portfolios: Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio. It allows students to document what they are learning through pictures, videos, and text. It encourages collaboration, allows students to respond to each other, and allows teachers easy access to printing and viewing student work. 
  • Creating Movies and Maps in BrainPop: MAKE-A-MOVIE empowers students to make their own BrainPOP-style movies! Build scenes using images from BrainPop’s library or your own drawings. Add narration then submit and share. This tool cultivates planning, organizing, writing, collaborating, and analyzing skills.
  • MAKE-A-MAP tool allows students to create concept maps and connect and develop ideas as they explore BrainPop’s resources. Students can include a written explanation of their thought process and submit maps to a teacher for feedback
  • Digital Breakout: A digital breakout uses the same concept of solving a series of clues to unlock locks, just as the physical breakout does. However, with a digital breakout, there is no need for the equipment. All that is necessary is a device connected to the Internet. 
  • Developing Interactive Bell Ringers using Actively Learn: Interactive bell ringers are so much fun. Would you like to learn how to embed activating questions within a document for interactive Bell Ringers? Students will read articles and summarize their reading using the web 2.0 tool Actively Learn. 
  • Flipping the Classroom for Parents: In this session you will learn how to use QR codes and web links on eCLASS to help provide parents with necessary information and show them how instruction looks in your classroom. This helps parents see first-hand how to support instruction and how to keep instruction consistent at school and at home. 


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