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Luxury automaker to send instructors to Gwinnett’s Maxwell

Maxwell HS of Technology to host Mercedes pros

Luxury automaker to send instructors to Gwinnett’s Maxwell

February 25, 2020

     Mercedes Benz will visit Maxwell High School of Technology Tuesday, February 25 through Thursday, February 27. As part of the visit, the German automaker will bring cars and instructors to the school to provide full-product training to students, including an overview of new technology. As an added bonus, the Maxwell students will put their learning to the test on the Mercedes Benz cars the automaker brings. 

     Jeff Hall, the principal of Maxwell High School of Technology, is excited about the visit. “The Mercedes Benz partnership is a big deal as it provides our students with factory training, opportunities in the Mercedes Benz course at Gwinnett Technical College, and job opportunities at Mercedes Benz dealers in the area,” Hall said. “We are thankful that they will spend three days with us, allowing each of our classes the opportunity to work with the trainers.”

     This visit is the first step for the school as it works to become a Mercedes-Benz Star Connect program. This program will give students the opportunity to earn Mercedes-Benz certifications and credentials which can lead to employment opportunities at Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide.

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