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Parkview HS students volunteer to improve county creek

Parkview HS students take the lead at Garner Creek

Parkview HS students volunteer to improve county creek

February 22, 2017

     On Thursday, February 23, some Parkview High School students will team up with Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources to restore Garner Creek. The Parkview High School Garner Creek Student Ambassadors’ goal is to improve water quality and aquatic life in Garner Creek while also learning how engineering and science are applied to create beneficial, practical solutions for the environment. Thursday’s event is one of four scheduled through May. This project will result in a healthier, more accessible Garner Creek and other benefits such as an outdoor learning space, a running/walking trail, and opportunities to monitor and protect the creek.

     The student ambassadors are 15 to 20 students from grades 9th – 12th who: 

  • Work directly with project engineers to learn about the methods used for stream design and restoration, including land surveying, geotechnical evaluation, macroinvertebrate assessment, stream evaluation, and pre-construction biological and habitat studies. 
  • Meet monthly for 1-hour training sessions and on-site field visits after school.
  • Keep the school informed of the progress and benefits of the project through the school’s e-newsletter and social media. 
  • Train and educate new student ambassadors as new members enter each school year. 
  • Assist in ongoing care for Garner Creek at Parkview High School, including spearheading clean-up events and competitions to ensure the continued health and upkeep of the creek.

     Students will be provided with safety equipment and boots and volunteer credit hours will be provided for participation with this group. The Garner Creek Watershed Improvement Project is a partnership between Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources and the Gwinnett County Board of Education with support from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  


Parkview High School Garner Creek Student Ambassadors

Proposed Schedule

Feb. 23, 2017

Geotechnical - digging deep

March 23, 2017

Watershed and Stream Evaluation

April 27, 2017

Survey - taking the lay of the land or

Macroinvertebrates - looking for stream critters

May 11, 2017

Project Concept Plan review

June 2017


July 2017


Proposed Activities


Student Led

Watershed and Stream Introduction

T-Shirt Design


Newspaper Article


Social Media/photos/videos


Service Projects

Project Concept Plan review and discuss

Name the Team

Adopt-A-Stream - water quality testing


How to Promote a Project


Post Construction Monitoring


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