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Meadowcreek High School hosts second “Shark Tank” event

Meadowcreek entrepreneurs earn Shark Tank awards

Meadowcreek High School hosts second “Shark Tank” event

June 4, 2018

Images of Meadowcreek student presenters, mentors, and administrators

     Meadowcreek High School held its second “Shark Tank” event of the year recently and it earned rave reviews. “As a graduate of Gwinnett County Public Schools, it was great to witness such an innovative learning experience and I look forward to seeing the continued success of this experience for students at Meadowcreek,” said Ryan Jones, Community Banker, BrandBank. Meadowcreek High has five school-based enterprises (SBEs) 
connected to its five college and career academies that are collectively referred to as “The Schools of Meadowcreek U.”

     In September, each SBE partnered with an educational business mentor who researched and worked with students on the soft skills needed to move their business forward. Students met with their mentors on a monthly basis to discuss sales and marketing strategies, business plans, and cost analyses.  

     “Having Ms. Peck mentor my group was a blessing in disguise,” said Leann Nguyen, a Meadowcreek High School student. “She helped transform my SBE into one that can pitch to any group of potential business partners. Her feedback helped us grow not just the SBE, but into ourselves as individuals.” 

     Business mentors included Ryan Jones of BrandBank, Juan Flores of Synovus, Maria Peck of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, Erik J. Provitt of Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation and Deirdra Cox from Community Sustainability Enterprise.

     The “Shark Tank” event was the culmination of a series of meetings and mentoring opportunities with business partners. Each SBE had the opportunity to present to a group of business partners for a chance to win $500 for their business. A team of community business partners helped judge each SBE presentation. 

     Student ambassadors had five minutes to present their business plan and another five minutes for a Q&A
session involving the judges. After listening to each presentation and scoring them, the judges announced Creek Caterers, from the Meadowcreek U School of Health & Hospitality, and WMHS Productions, from the Meadowcreek U School of Communication & Arts, as this year’s SBE winners. Both teams were awarded $500 from Community Sustainability Enterprise to continue expanding their business. 

     Judges for the final pitch competition included Tania Allen, President & CEO, ItGresa Consulting Group; Scott W. Luton, Managing Partner at TalenSream; Antonio Molina, General Manager, Consultorio Medico Hispano; Jesus Martinez, Principle at Peach Tree Commercial Capital; and Dr. Rhonda Anderson, founder of A Scholar’s Touch, LLC. 

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