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GCPS encourages community to take part in online survey on Strategic Priorities for 2020-2030

Strategic Priorities 2020-2030 survey open online

GCPS encourages community to take part in online survey on Strategic Priorities for 2020-2030

April 18, 2019

     Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) is committed to continuing its pursuit of educational excellence for all students. A key to keeping GCPS moving in the right direction has been its “Strategic Priorities for 2010–2020.” It is one document about 10 priority components that cover every aspect of operations, both academic and operational. This document is not the school system’s “strategic plan,” but it captures the characteristics and attributes that stakeholders indicated they believed would lead GCPS closer to realizing its vision of becoming a system of world-class schools.

     The work to update the Strategic Priorities for the next decade includes opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback. In addition to focus groups, the school district has launched an online community survey ( Information about the survey is available on the district website and has been posted on GCPS’ social media outlets. In addition, survey invitations have been sent to parents and staff members via email and students in grades 8-12 are being asked to participate in order to ensure that student voices are heard. However, the district also wants to hear from others in the community who may not have children in schools (business owners, community members, young adults, empty nesters, seniors, etc.) The feedback gathered from all of these groups will help district leaders to define future priorities and shape district plans.

     The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and will be available through Sunday, April 28. Upon completing the survey, participants can sign up to be considered for a round of focus groups to be held in early May. The focus groups will provide additional feedback on the work that will take place to finalize the Strategic Priorities for 2020-2030.

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