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Sweetwater MS girls get in the “swim” of STEM thanks to the Georgia Aquarium and Motorola

Sweetwater MS students dive into STEM

Sweetwater MS girls get in the “swim” of STEM thanks to the Georgia Aquarium and Motorola

April 1, 2019

     During Spring Break, 16 female Sweetwater Middle School students will travel to the Georgia Aquarium to take part in a special STEM Camp. The students will build remotely operated vehicles (ROV) as part of an ocean study lens during a Girls Underwater ROV STEM Camp. The camp, hosted by the Georgia Aquarium and funded by Motorola Solutions Foundation, seeks to empower young women to consider joining the STEM field as they consider their futures.

     Principal Jay Nebel is excited about this opportunity for his students. He shares, “This is the second year in a row that our school was selected to participate— they only partner with one metro Atlanta school, and it’s us! We are thrilled to have Motorola and the Georgia Aquarium invest in the 16 young women from Sweetwater Middle School.”
Date:  April 1 – April 4; Gwinnett County spring break (Monday-Thursday)
Time:  7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.
So what will students learn and do?  Participants will:

  • Build ROVs made of PVC pipe and other materials and test it by “flying” it in a pool;
  • Take their completed ROVs back to the school where they can be disassembled and rebuilt;
  • Investigate how ROV technology can be infused into middle and high school curricula and tied to state standards;
  • Explore how ROVs and ocean science technology helps us research and explore our national marine sanctuaries; and 
  • Learn about the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center and their regional and national student ROV competitions.

For additional information, contact Tina Oresteen, the Georgia Aquarium’s education division assistant manager, at or Roisin Florence, also with the Aquarium, at

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