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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Local School Council Dates

Local School Council Dates

Local School Councils meet four or more times per year. For the time of your school’s meeting, or to find out when the next council meeting is scheduled, call the local school. (Find your school’s phone number.

The following school has a meeting scheduled in May 2017.




Anderson-Livsey Elementary School 5/9/17
Camp Creek Elementary School 5/12/17
Discovery High School 5/2/17
Dyer Elementary 5/15/17
Fort Daniel Elementary 5/5/17
Freeman's Mill Elementary School 5/5/17
Grayson High School 5/12/17
Gwinnett Online Campus 5/2/17
Head Elementary School 5/10/17
Hull Middle School 5/5/17
Jenkins Elementary School 5/5/17
Jones Middle School 5/11/17
Lanier Middle School 5/2/17
Mill Creek High School 5/9/17
Mountain View High School 5/5/17
North Gwinnett Middle School 5/4/17
Peachtree Elementary School 5/5/17
Riverside Elementary School 5/9/17
Roberts Elementary School 5/13/17
Shiloh Middle School 5/26/17
Summerour Middle School 5/17/17
Suwanee Elementary School 5/4/17
Sweetwater Middle School 5/11/17
Taylor Elementary School 5/12/17
Twin Rivers Middle School 5/12/17



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