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Permissive Transfer Process: General Information

  • The parent or guardian must submit an “Application for Student Transfer” form to the local school principal of the school their child is zoned to attend, requesting reassignment to a school on the “permissive transfer list.” The form is available at the school.
  • Permissive transfers are allowed to the schools on the district’s “permissive transfer list.”
  • Student transfers are approved for one year only and are valid for the school year for which they are issued. A student must return to his/her home school or reapply under applicable criteria each year.
  • A student may receive only one transfer during a school year.
  • Transfers by currently enrolled students should be requested as early as possible and should not be made later than 7 days after each semester begins. Approval for any student requesting a transfer outside of the seven days after the semester begins is subject to the discretion of the receiving school principal based on the best interest of the child
  • Parents or guardians should receive a response to the transfer request within 30 days of receipt of the request, stating reasons for approval or denial.
  • Transfer requests will be approved based on the order in which the request was received and the availability of "permanent classroom space."
  • Transportation for students on transfer, including children of employees, is the responsibility of the parent /guardian.
  • If a student is granted a transfer, there is no guarantee that it will be to the requested school.
  • If a student transfers at the high school level, he/she must meet Georgia High School Association requirements to participate in competitive interscholastic activities.
  • Transfer of a student does not guarantee the transfer of a sibling.
  • Revocation or denial of transfers may be appealed to the Executive Director of Academic Support.
  • Parking spaces at the high schools are not guaranteed.
  • Transfers are not considered for the following:
       - Grievances arising from parent-school conflicts
       - Peer group associations
       - Discipline and/or attendance problems
       - General dissatisfaction with a particular school
  • If a request for a transfer is granted in any category other than medical or legal, the receiving school principal, with written notice, may revoke the transfer based on one or more of the following reasons:
       - The student becomes a discipline problem
       - Excessive absences, tardies, or late pick-up of student
       - False information is given on the application form or other records
       - Other just cause
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