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About the framework

Assessment and Feedback

Foundational Strategy

The Assessment and Feedback strategy involves monitoring students’ progress toward mastery of the AKS, providing students with ongoing feedback on their progress, and adjusting instruction to increase student learning. Assessment and Feedback undergirds all instruction. Teachers and students should be jointly involved in discussing learning goals and monitoring progress.

When using Assessment and Feedback, the teacher will use frequent formative assessments and provide timely, ongoing, and specific feedback. The teacher will use assessment information to differentiate instruction and support improvement in student achievement. Students will engage in the Assessment and Feedback process on an ongoing basis. Students will self-assess and reflect on their progress toward mastery of the AKS.

Assessment and Feedback does not take place in isolation, is not based on a student’s grade, and is never purely summative. It is most effective when the teacher and student are jointly involved, with students receiving specific, timely, and actionable feedback on their progress and teachers using the information to differentiate and personalize instruction.

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Assessment and Feedback




C&I Weekly QPTS Highlight Series

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Assessment and Feedback

The Teacher will…

  • frequently assess students’ learning in a variety of ways.
  • use assessment information to differentiate instruction, provide timely and useful feedback, and guide students to monitor and reflect on their own progress towards mastery of the AKS.

The Students will…

  • monitor and reflect on academic progress as a part of learning and assessment of the AKS— formative and summative.
  • act on feedback to demonstrate learning of the AKS.

Model Lessons

Assessment and Feedback


Assessment and Feedback


Assessment and Feedback


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