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WEEK OF JUNE 14, 2021

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Renovations, rebuilds, and robots in our schools caught our attention in September and October of 2020.  GCPS TV is pleased to re-broadcast these feature stories:

Oakland Meadow's New Playground 

With help from the Community Foundation of Northeast Georgia, Oakland Meadow School recently upgraded their playground to a newly-refurbished, more adaptive play-space.
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to watch the video. (2 minutes)

Crashing B.B. Harris ES 

Parents, staff, and volunteers from B.B. Harris Elementary School joined Georgia United Credit Union in renovating the school's playground.
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to watch the video.  (2 minutes)

A Walk with Spot 

Students at GSMST took turns operating a robotic "dog" thousands of miles away in San Francisco thanks to a cloud-based control platform developed by Formant.
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to watch the video.  (2 minutes)


Reinventing AP Courses With Rigorous Project-Based Learning

A new study shows that when implemented well, AP courses built around project-based learning can raise test scores for all students, including those in traditionally underserved demographics.
Produced by Edutopia    
Click here to watch the video. (5 minutes)

Demonstrating Self-Regulation with Tone of Voice

When teachers model self-regulation by using a voice that is calm, neutral, and assertive, they help students feel cared for—and ready to learn.
Click here to watch the video. (2 minutes)


Live Exploration: Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

This unique experience teaches students about the animals that call Gray’s Reef home in Savannah, Georgia. The UGA Aquarium features 16 exhibit tanks filled with a variety of coastal fish, invertebrates and reptiles, most of which are native to the Georgia coast.  We learn how the seafloor serves as a habitat and ways these animals can help protect the reef from major threats. 
GPB Education
Click here to watch the program. (60 minutes)

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