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In5ive – Week of October 19, 2020

We have details from the Board of Education October meeting . . .  Nury Crawford of our Community-Based Mentoring Program receives an honor . . . And our chief equity officer speaks about the District’s focus on equity.  Enjoy these stories and more in this latest edition of in5ive. 
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to view the program. (5 minutes)


Gwinnett Student Media Festival 2020 SHOWCASE

GCPS TV is pleased to present this sampling of productions that earned high recognition at the 2020 Gwinnett Student Media Festival.
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to view the program. (30 minutes)


Life in Antarctica During a Pandemic

Antarctica, the coldest, driest, windiest place on Earth, is now also the safest.  While the rest of the world contends with the pandemic and isolation, it’s business as usual here at the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Station, Antarctica. One-hundred and forty-two brave souls now call this place home and will spend six months in total darkness, completely isolated from the rest of the world, and…free from the pandemic.
National Science Foundation
Click here to watch the video.  (2 minutes)


Fast Forward - King of Pops

Founders of this Atlanta-based company give you the backstory of how King of Pops came to be, and why they have "fans" instead of customers. And if you're looking for a career that utilizes social media, these folks have that covered too!
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Click here to watch the video. (6 minutes)

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