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Week of May 16, 2022


Sharks — The Present 

Marine biologists in South Carolina head out on the water to catch and tag sharks, and to collect genetic samples that will be analyzed back in the lab. Concerted efforts to understand and track shark populations are contributing to the rebound of numerous species in U.S. coastal waters.
American Museum of Natural History
Click here to watch the video. (7 minutes)

Sharks – The Past

Scientists use CT scanning technology to compare living and fossil sharks. Over their 450 million-year evolutionary history, sharks have evolved a tremendous diversity of traits, including the ability to detect low-frequency sounds coming from potential prey.
American Museum of Natural History
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Art History Series/Through the Eyes of the Artist:  Andrew Wyeth

A lecture on the artwork of Andrew Wyeth from the Hudson Library and Historical Society.
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Carmen at the Pet Shelter

Carmen Agra Deedy and her beloved dog George share their favorite book, "Dear Mrs. La Rue: Letters from Obedience School,” followed by an adventure at the Georgia SPCA. Media specialist Kathy Schmidt of Rock Springs ES reads the book, "Sea Monster's First Day,” and a Gwinnett firefighter shares her favorite, "Curious George.”
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to watch the program. (14 minutes)

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