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WEEK OF MAY 3, 2021

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In5ive – Week of May 3, 2021

This week we explore the Read Woke program at Meadowcreek High, and the Ag-STEM program at Archer High.  We also get a glimpse of the impressive staff joining our new School of the Arts in the fall at Central Gwinnett High. Learn about Registration Procedures for Kindergarten, summer school, and our Summer Enrichment + Acceleration program.  
Produced by GCPS TV
Click here to view the program. (6 minutes)


Making Classrooms More Inclusive for Multilingual Learners

Taking an asset-based approach to supporting students who are new to the English language can help them thrive.
Click here to watch the video. (3 minutes)

Green Screen Videos Bring Content to Life

When students create videos using green screen backgrounds, they can make their thinking visible and explore beyond classroom walls.
Click here to watch the video. (4 minutes)


Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

It has been called the world's greatest piggyback ride: a space shuttle, atop a Boeing 747 jet aircraft. But this is no ordinary 747, this is the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft...the SCA. This specially modified jumbo jet was not only a taxi service for the shuttle, but also helped in the development of the shuttle itself. In 30 years of flying, the majestic image of a spacecraft joined to the SCA became a symbol of American invention and ingenuity.
Click here to watch the video. (9 minutes)


White Oak Pastures

Deep in the southwest corner of the state is Georgia’s biggest certified organic farm. White Oak Pastures is a fifth-generation family-owned farm established in 1866, but “born on the internet.” Teachable Moments include exploration of sustainable agriculture, monocultural versus polycultural farming, and the Serengeti Plains Rotational Grazing Model.
Georgia Public Broadcasting
Click here to watch the video. (7 minutes)


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