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Building a System of World-Class Schools

Building a System of World-Class Schools

As one of the largest districts in the nation, GCPS Facilities and Operations continues to provide facility, logistical, student transportation, and related support services in our pursuit of excellence resulting in measured improvement against world-class standards.


With more than 26.5 million square feet of ENERGY STAR certified areas, GCPS leads the nation for K–12 certified building space. These ENERGY STAR certified buildings use 35% less energy, generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emis­sions, and cost up to 40 cents less per square foot to operate than similar buildings across the nation.

National Green Ribbon District

The U.S. Department of Educa­tion named GCPS as one of the first National Green Ribbon Districts -- honoring our sustainability efforts in both energy conservation and envi­ronmental education. This achieve­ment represents a collective effort of outstanding environmental and fiscal stewardship.

Good Stewards of Tax Dollars

The departments of Facility Planning, Construction, and Contracts Engineering run one of the largest and most successful construction management programs in the Southeastern United States. Construction projects are delivered reliably-on time and within budget. In fact, we do it day in and day out for about 66% of what others pay and we have over a 30-year performance record.

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GCPS School Buses

Did you know?

The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI) deemed GCPS’ Transportation Department one of the five best in the country.

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