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Transportation Contact Numbers (Special Needs)

Transportation Contact Numbers (Special Needs)

Central Office Customer Service

  • 770-338-4800 -- Regular Ed. Transportation Customer Service
  • 770-513-6881 -- Special Needs Transportation Customer Service

If you need to report a student will not ride the Special Needs bus today, please call the Dispatch Department at 770-513-6686, prompt #1.


Special Needs - Transportation Contact Numbers


School Name
Special Needs
Alcova ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Alford ES Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Anderson-Livsey ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Annistown ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Arcado ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Archer HS Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Baggett ES Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Baldwin ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Bay Creek MS Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Beaver Ridge ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Benefield ES Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Berkeley Lake ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Berkmar MS Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Berkmar HS Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Bethesda ES Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Bridge MS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Bridge HS / ADAPT Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Britt ES Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Brookwood ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Brookwood HS Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Burnette ES Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Camp Creek ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Cedar Hill ES Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Centerville ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Central Gwinnett HS Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Chattahoochee ES Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Chesney ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Coleman MS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Collins Hill HS Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Cooper ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Corley ES Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Couch MS Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Craig ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Creekland MS Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Crews MS Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Dacula ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Dacula MS Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Dacula HS Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Discovery HS Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Duluth MS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Duluth HS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Duncan Creek ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Dyer ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Ferguson ES Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Five Forks MS Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Fort Daniel ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Freeman's Mill ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Give East MS/HS Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Give West MS/HS Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Grace Snell MS Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Graves ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Grayson ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Grayson HS Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Gwin Oaks ES Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Harbins ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Harmony ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Harris ES Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Head ES Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Holt ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Hopkins ES Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Hull MS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Ivy Creek ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Jackson ES Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Jenkins ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Jones MS Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Jordan MS Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Kanoheda ES Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Knight ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Lanier MS Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Lanier HS Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Lawrenceville ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Level Creek ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Lilburn ES Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Lilburn MS Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Lovin ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Magill ES Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Mason ES Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Maxwell Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
McConnell MS Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
McKendree ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Meadowcreek ES Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Meadowcreek HS Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Mill Creek HS Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Minor ES Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Moore MS Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Mountain Park ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Mountain View HS Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Mulberry ES Darlene Cortiss-McGonagle 678-226-7989
Nesbit ES Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Norcross ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Norcross HS Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
North Gwinnett MS Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
North Gwinnett HS Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Northbrook MS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Norton ES Homa Razmavar 678-554-7036
Oakland Meadow Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Osborne MS Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Parkview HS Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Parsons ES Teresa Crane 770-806-7892
Partee ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Patrick ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Peachtree ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Peachtree Ridge HS Teresa Crane 770-232-3285
Pharr ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Pinckneyville MS Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Pucketts Mill ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Radloff MS Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Richards MS Carol Buscarino 770-381-4260
Riverside ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Roberts ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Rock Springs ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Rockbridge ES Dranda Chatham 770-381-4259
Rosebud ES Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Shiloh ES Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Shiloh MS Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Shiloh HS Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Simonton ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
Simpson ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Snellville MS Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
South Gwinnett HS Homa Razmavar 678-344-3852
Starling ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Stripling ES Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Sugar Hill ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Summerour MS Carmen Monroe 770-326-8704
Suwanee ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Sweetwater MS Sheila Deane 770-806-7894
Sycamore ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Taylor ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Trickum MS Debbie Moore 678-344-5970
Trip ES Margie Maddox 770-554-7034
Twin Rivers MS Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924
Walnut Grove ES Hazel Stephens 770-513-6822
White Oak ES Richard Wolfe 678-482-1045
Woodward Mill ES Anne Bouldin 678-407-8924


East Transportation Office
Transportation Manager, Deana Watkins
Office 678-226-7030
FAX 770-513-6882 


  • AASD
  • Archer High School
  • Brookwood High School
  • Central Gwinnett High School
  • Collins Hill High School
  • Dacula High School
  • Give East
  • Grayson High School
  • GSD
  • Lanier High School
  • Mill Creek High School
  • Mountain View High School
  • North Gwinnett High School
  • Oakland Meadow
  • South Gwinnett High School
West Transportation Office
Transportation Manager, Tammy Ketchum
Office 678-226-7032
FAX 770-513-6882


  • Berkmar High School
  • Bridge / ADAPT / STRIVE
  • Discovery High School
  • Duluth High School
  • Give West
  • Meadowcreek High School
  • Norcross High School
  • Parkview High School
  • Peachtree Ridge High School
  • Shiloh High School



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