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Gwinnett County BOE issues proclamation to boost awareness of the importance of early learning

BOE names Sept. 25 as Building Babies' Brains Day

Gwinnett County BOE issues proclamation to boost awareness of the importance of early learning

September 24, 2020

     The Gwinnett County Board of Education has proclaimed Friday, September 25, 2020, as Building Babies’ Brains Day in Gwinnett County Public Schools. The proclamation, approved at its September business meeting, was made in support of the Gwinnett Building Babies’ Brains Initiative, which was created and launched by the Gwinnett County Community Early Learning Working Group. This group is launching an awareness campaign, which kicks off September 25, as part of a broader countywide strategy to improve Kindergarten Readiness. 

     According to the most recent data, there are currently more than 60,000 children aged five or younger in Gwinnett County. Last year 52% of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ kindergartners arrived to school unprepared. Early learning plays a key role in school readiness as children’s brains are 90-percent developed by age 5, and the number of words spoken to a child before age 5 significantly increases their opportunity for success in school. In addition, early brain development is a key factor in lowering dropout rates, and moving a student from dropout to graduate yields higher tax revenues and lower government expenditures over their lifetime. It also has been proven that children exposed to positive early reading, singing, and talking by caregivers are less likely to have academic and behavioral problems in school.

     The Board of Education’s proclamation is just one way the school district is working to raise community awareness about the importance of early brain development in children under 5 and how vital this is to our community’s success.

     For more information about the campaign visit This website, which launches on September 25, offers valuable information that will help parents and caregivers engage with their children in a way that promotes learning from birth. 

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